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Evaluation Of A Natural Workspace Intervention With Active Design Features On Movement, Interaction And Health (PNG, 347 Kb, 794x1123)

There is increasing focus on designing workspaces that promote less sitting, more movement and interaction to improve physical and mental health. This study evaluates a natural intervention of a new workplace with active design features and its relocation to a greener and open space.
An ecological model...

Iosh Webinar: Learnings from the Covid-19 pandemic (PNG, 405 Kb, 790x882)

Learning from the Covid-19 pandemic – approaches to support employee health and wellbeing

Covid-19: Are Reports Of Its Demise Greatly Exaggerated? (PNG, 384 Kb, 793x884)

Covid-19: are reports of its demise greatly exaggerated?

What If Your Job Was Good For You? A Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity To Make Work Better (PDF, 6.4 Mb)

Business in the Community's (BITC) What If Your Job Was Good For You? report identifies actions employers can take to transform wellbeing at work. The report sets out how business leaders can create an environment in which employees feel supported to do their best work. It also outlines how to achieve...

Managing A Return To Work Following Long Term Sickness Absence: Guide For People Professionals (PDF, 263 Kb)

Research shows that employees are more likely to return to work safely and productively following long-term sickness absence if they are well supported during their absence and on their return.

The key considerations for managing an effective return, including for those suffering from long COVID, are...

Covid-19 Return To Work Guide: For Managers (PDF, 1.6 Mb)

Working with a multi-disciplinary team, Affinity Health at Work contributed to this guide for the Society of Medicine to support people to return to work following Covid-19 infection

Impact Of Covid-19 On The L&D Profession: Perspectives From Independent Learning Practitioners. (PDF, 783 Kb)

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically shifted the way we learn. Learning and development practitioners have been challenged to step outside of their comfort zone, be curious and embrace new ways of delivering learning with high impact for the digital age. This longitudinal focus group study investigated...

Transitioning Out Of Lockdown And The Impact On Your Work (PNG, 219 Kb, 794x1123)

Drawing on research and practice, Affinity Health at Work contributed to this toolkit for Mental Health at Work. We share tips and strategies to support individuals struggling with the transition out of lockdown.

Returning To The Workplace After The Covid-19 Lockdown - Toolkit (PDF, 668 Kb)

Drawing on research and practice, Affinity Health at Work contributed to this guide from the Society of Occupational Medicine. This guide shares recommendations for returning to the workplace after lockdown

The Psychological Implications Of Remote Rotational Work (PNG, 621 Kb, 1104x1430)

Whether on or offshore, the work and lifestyle of a remote rotational worker is unique. While lucrative for some, it has long been associated with a high impact on mental health and wellbeing. To reveal the true extent of this, the International SOS Foundation commissioned a ground-breaking global study...

Learnings From The Covid-19 Pandemic: Approaches To Support Employee Health And Wellbeing (PDF, 769 Kb)

This research was conducted by Affinity Health at Work, co-sponsored by IOSH via its Research Consortium, to explore the impact the COVID-19 pandemic on employee's health and wellbeing and what can be learned from it.
Researchers conducted interviews and held focus groups with employees, managers and...