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Managing For Sustainable Employee Engagement: Developing A Behavioural Framework (PNG, 1.3 Mb, 968x1378)

Evidence suggests that employee engagement has a positive and significant effect on organisations, and that managers are pivotal to engagement and wellbeing.
Research, funded by the CIPD and led by Affinity Health at Work through a consortium of employers and other stakeholders, has brought together two...

The Vital Role Of Line Managers In Managing Psychosocial Risks (PNG, 242 Kb, 270x394)

This chapter provides an introduction into the role of line managers in managing risks to employee psychosocial health. It looks at how line managers (or immediate supervisors, used interchangeably) can influence the success of interventions for psychosocial issues through their impact on process and...

Managing for Sustainable Employee Engagement Developing a Behavioural Framework (PDF, 759 Kb)

Although it is widely accepted by both academics and practitioners that employee engagement has a significant and positive impact on both the organisation and the individual, there is no general consensus on the conceptualisation of employee engagement.

This research aims to define employee engagement...