Research Consortium
Benefits of Consortium membership

Research Consortium members contribute by taking part in research projects and helping shape outputs, as well as financing the research work and hub development; and, in return, receive a range of membership benefits such as:

  • Early and immediate access to new research, the Affinity work health and wellbeing hub, and other developments in the field
  • Quarterly master-classes that provide both academic and practitioner speakers:
    • Up-dates, learning and continuing professional development
    • Access to thought leadership
    • Professional networking and support
  • Opportunity to have a ‘seat at the table’ and contact with key decision makers within the forward-thinking institutions in this space 
  • Involvement in research
  • Access to advice and support from the Affinity Health at Work team
Consortium master-classes

One of the benefits of Research Consortium master-classes is that members can attend day-long, quarterly master-classes at which they can discuss the latest Affinity Health at Work research findings and hear from experts on particular topic themes. Master-class topic themes are decided each year by Research Consortium members, based on interest and needs.

The master-class themes chosen for 2019 are as follows:

  • 20th March: Musculoskeletal disorders and mental health: the links between the two
  • 5th June: Age at work
  • 18th September: Suicide awareness and post-vention
  • December: Women's health

Contact us to find out more about these events 


  • 15th March: Technology and workplace wellbeing
  • 7th June: Practical applications of behaviour change
  • 13th September: Organisational culture and context in wellbeing
  • 5th December: Mindfulness in the workplace


  • 23rd March: Organisational interventions to enhance employee health and wellbeing
  • 28th June: Burnout and engagement
  • 12th October: Workplace design for Health
  • 6th December: Menopause and women’s health issues in the workplace



  • 2nd March: Stigma and unconscious bias
  • 22nd June: Managing mental health cases at work
  • 15th September: Perfectionism and wellbeing at work
  • 1st December: Mindful leadership



  • 5th February: Resilience in the workplace and coping with change
  • 16th April: Health promotion and supporting employee behaviour change
  • 9th July: The dark side of leadership
  • 30th September: Workplace technology and wellbeing
Testimonials from existing members

Testimonial from one of our organisational members 
Senior Occupational Health Manager in a large public sector organisation

“Being part of the consortium brings many benefits to us as an organisation, supporting our drive to improve the health and wellbeing of our employees: 

  • We have an opportunity to influence the subject matter for future research projects
  • We can take part in research ourselves
  • We keep up to date with current research findings and how they apply to us
  • We keep up to date on issues relevant to health and wellbeing – having choices over themes for each consortium day
  • We get to learn about best practice in other organisations
  • We have the opportunity to meet and develop working relationships with colleagues in the field

This increased understanding and awareness means that my work to improve health and wellbeing of our employees is based on solid research, best practice and experience, so our employees gain maximum benefit from our services.”

Becoming a consortium member

Consortium membership is open to any organisation or individual who is interested in workplace health and wellbeing, wants to know the latest research and evidence in the field and to be part of a network of like-minded people. Contact us to find out more and join the Consortium.